Is Pogo Down

Over the years, Pogo has strived to create a huge fan base by providing One-Platform where online game lovers can play games online for free. Classical Games and Interactive feature is the coupla that connects the Pogo with its users. 

SCRABBLEWord, Word Whomp HDWord, Poppit! HDMatch 3, Spades HDCard, DAILY, First Class Solitaire HDSolitaire, Mahjong Safari HDMahjong, Crossword Cove HDWord, Turbo 21 HDCasino, and more than 50 games are offered to the users of Pogo. The fans can enjoy the premium version of Pogo Games by getting registered at Club Pogo.

As enticing it sounds, the fun fades away the moment you face the issue of Pogo not loading on your system. You ensure multiple things because even if you know to run Pogo smoothly on the system, many things are required, and the system should be synchronized with the requirements.

“Is Pogo down?” This question, again and again, hover your head when Pogo fails to upload.

How would you know that the site pogo.com is down? Now, you can verify for yourself and by yourself. All you need to do is go online and type Website Uptime Checker. Copy the link of Pogo and paste the URL in the search bar provided on the Website Uptime Checker site. When you press go, after a few seconds status of the Website will be displayed.


Is pogo.com down?

  If the result shows that pogo.com is down. Then, it is down not for you but everyone then. The site won’t load for anyone who is trying to reach the pogo games, then. Such a pal! You can do nothing about it. Try next time. Pogo.com will load the very moment it starts working.

Again, Is pogo.com up? The desktop shows the result that pogo.com is up. It simply means that Pogo is jot loading for you! You need to check for the solution at your end. Pogo works smoothly when the personal settings of the user’s system are in synchronization with the requirements set by the pogo games.

If the Pogo is not loading, you need to make sure that you fulfill the requirements required to play pogo games without any problem. 


Pogo System Requirements

Compatible Browser: It is mandatory to have a compatible Browser and Operating System to run Pogo on your system. Pogo has provided their own Pogo Compatibility Scan tool with which you can check that your Operating System and Browser support the loading of Pogo or not. This tool automatically scans your computer and browser to alert you if you might have trouble using Pogo.

Pogo Requirements for Windows

Windows 10


Firefox is the Web-Browser that supports Java as well as Flash. These are the ad-on software packages with plug-ins required for any user to play Pogo Games on their system.

Whereas you should know Microsoft Edge and Chrome do not support Java Games. There are some Pogo Games that you’ll be able to play, including those that are not Java or Flash-based.

Pogo Requirements for Mac

On Mac (latest version), Safari and Mozilla Firefox both support Pogo Games all in all.


Pogo Specification Requirements

Specifications for Window 10 to play HTML 5 Games

Windows 10

  • 8GB RAM of System
  • Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browser

macOS High Sierra (10.13.6) or newer

  • 8GB of system RAM


Browsers not supporting HTML5

  • AOL
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Opera
  • Old versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • Pale Moon
  • Safari for Windows (last supported version was 5.1.7)
  • SeaMonkey

There are other things as well you need to make sure so that Pogo is working for you. The checklist includes:

  • No Login Issue occurrence while logging into your Registered Pogo Account
  • Using Updated Operating System
  • Web Browser is Updated
  • Pop-Ups are Deactivated 
  • The latest version of Java and Flash is installed on the system
  • Antivirus Compatibility
  • Screen Resolution as recommended for Pogo

Make sure all these are in the state as needed to run the pogo games. Sometimes we try out every damn thing, and the thing still fails to work for us. This is because we may not try the simple solution recommended to solve the problem. In this case, where pogo.com is down, do try highly recommended simple solutions for it, which are:

  1. Restart your System

A minor technical glitch may cause Pogo failure, which can be tackled by just switching off and then again switching on your system. You can even choose to Refresh your system multiple times. And try opening Pogo again.


  1. Check your Internet 

Is Pogo down? Maybe not because your Internet might be down and may not provide sufficient speed to load Pogo’s webpage.

We all love Pogo right from the very second we were introduced. None of us want that fun to be altered by any glitch occurring from any end. We can’t do anything when Pogo is down for everyone. That will upload in some time. But, there are solutions for troubleshooting problems when Pogo is down for you. And above stated information must have guided you in answering your question ‘Is Pogo.com down?’